Mas Y Mas – The Band

 Más Y Más - explosive power trio delivering a message of 
Unity, Sensuality and Fiesta

Más Y Más are a Latin acoustic power trio playing the original songs of

Rikki Thomas-Martínez, their lead singer, guitarist and harmonica player

and a repertoire of traditional Latin and other songs that they enjoy playing.

The music of Más Y Más is an irresistible meeting of Latino, Flamenco and Afro-Cuban influences woven together by driving dance rhythms and rich vocal harmonies. The band use acoustic instruments playing them with such passion and skill that the result is electrifying, much greater than the sum of its parts.

The music of Más Y Más is original, contemporary and passionate with a timeless and universal appeal.

Cross cultural musical traveller, Rikki Thomas-Martinez plays his Spanish guitar and harmonicas with energy and passion moving effortlessly between soaring solos, heart wrenching melodies and a driving percussive style that paints a sonic picture of the physical and emotional landscapes that have inspired his music. Underpinned by the undulating, syncopated bass lines of Wayne D. Evans and the Cuban influenced drums of Richard Kensington the music of Mas Y Mas leads audiences through songs of love, loss, celebration and fiesta leaving them dancing and whooping for More and More!

Having toured extensively, delighting audiences around the UK and Europe and as far away as China and Malaysia this well seasoned professional band are always a joy to behold!

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This high energy acoustic trio play the songs of Rikki Thomas-Martínez. Rikki, writes and sings in Spanish, English and French. He plays a Spanish guitar in a driving percussive style underpinned by the rock and reggae influenced bass lines of Wayne D. Evans and the Cuban influenced drums of Richard Kensington.

In the early days Rikki, Wayne and Rich toured extensively round Ireland with regular performances at Lillies Bordello and The Gaeity Theatre in Dublin, The Half Moon Theatre and The Lobby in Cork and a whole load of small, packed, smokey venues where the Guinness flowed and the Craic was always blinding. During these years Mas Y Mas honed their show, tightened up their act and Rich’s percussion set up grew. The band also headed into Europe visiting Rikki’s roots playing gigs in Spain and France during this time.

As the Celtic Tiger started to tire Mas Y Mas found themselves heading out further to the east with a number of private bookings, shows and festivals over a five year period in China and Malaysia. At the same time their popularity in the UK was growing with regular performances at The National Theatre and many of the festivals on the UK folk and world circuit.

In 2008 Rikki, Wayne and Rich headed out to Cuba to collaborate with Rich’s long time friend and percussion mentor,  Chaguito. There they recorded their third album ‘La Bala’ in the studio of “El Septeto Nacional De Ignacio Pinero’.

Mas Y Mas are currently busy writing, recording and gigging. They play a very successful  night at The Nottingham Contemporary. They are as at home playing to large festival crowds and theatre audiences as they are in packed night clubs and dance venues. Come and visit them on Facebook

 photos by Mohamed El Nahhas

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