Mas Y Mas in School

Más Y Más offer interactive performance and music workshops in schools.

The chance for children to see musicians creating exciting and uplifting music live in school is very valuable. Mas Y Mas can present their show with a focus on music, languages, culture and positive behavior involving children in the performance through song and action with plenty of space for questions and exploration. Rikki is tri lingual, speaking English, Spanish and French fluently and has written many songs exploring languages, communication and how we can relate positively to one another.

Más Y Más also work in schools on developing musical skills around rhythm, song and creativity. Time and again the experience of making music with other people is shown to create group cohesion, develop listening skills, coordination, concentration and focus as well as leaving children with an increased sense of well being, self esteem and confidence.

Más Y Más can work with small groups or whole schools depending on the desired outcome. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we might feature in your school day.

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