History of Mas Y Mas

Mas Y Mas was formed in 1995 with a line up of Rikki Thomas-Martinez, Wayne D. Evans and Russell Jalland on darabuka.

American musician Mike Metzner, who had originally formed a trio with Wayne and Russell before having to return to the States, joined them.

The quartet, with Mike on vocals, guitar and accordion began touring in Ireland. Mike went back to America and Rikki, Wayne and Russell carried on as a trio. After three years Russell left the band and Rik Chandler played with the band on darabuka. Rik put Rikki and Wayne in contact with Richard Kensington as he was busy with his own band.

In the early days Rikki, Wayne and Rich toured extensively round Ireland with regular performances at Lillies Bordello and The Gaeity Theatre in Dublin, The Half Moon Theatre and The Lobby in Cork and a whole load of small, packed, smokey venues where the Guinness flowed and the Craic was always blinding. The band also headed into Europe visiting Rikki’s roots playing gigs in Spain and France during this time.

Mike returned to the UK and joined the trio once again for several tours around the UK, Ireland and Spain until having return to America.

Mas Y Mas headed East and played in Dubai, China and Malaysia, and appearances at the Rainforest World Music Festival in Borneo.

At the same time their popularity in the UK was growing with regular performances at The National Theatre and many of the festivals on the UK folk and world circuit.

In 2008 Rikki, Wayne and Rich headed out to Cuba to collaborate with Rich’s long time friend and percussion mentor,  Chaguito. There they recorded their third album ‘La Bala’ in the studio of “El Septeto Nacional De Ignacio Pinero’.