Shows for Young People



The songs of Más Y Más are uplifting, inspiring and have a universal appeal. When playing for children and young people Más Y Más shine the spotlight on aspects of song, language and instrumentation to focus attention, engage, inspire and demystify music making. There is a high level of interactivity with audiences participating in songs, actions and sometimes, even stories!


Más Y Más are back  with an amazing new show for young people called ‘Goin’ On a Train’. Come along with Rikki, Rich and Wayne to some wonderful, exotic locations – where will the train take us? Pull the whistle – Choo! Choo! And off we go. Sing and move to songs in English, Spanish and French as Más Y Más take you on another magical journey!! Vámonos con Más Y Más!!

Beans Beats and Beasts is a show originally written for ‘The Bean Bag Music Club’ at The Royal Concert hall in Nottingham. Audiences join Más Y Más on a Latin Safari in Song, Spanish and English to meet some weird and wonderful magical animals. Rikki’s guitar, Rich’s percussion and Wayne’s double bass spin the spell. So come and dance and sing with a dragon in the dark wood a dog with a shirt and tie on and meet the strongest ant in the world. ¡Vamonos con los animales!


Mas Y Mas - Beans, Beats and Beasts

‘Lets Sail’ is another show written by Rikki. Audiences get to go on a musical journey around the globe. It’s ‘all aboard’ the good ship Más Y Más and ‘working together’ to crew her to magical lands where music abounds and strange and wonderful creatures wait to greet you!


Más Y Más have been playing to audiences of all ages for over 20 years and are highly skilled in presenting their material in an age appropriate fashion making sure that everyone is engaged, involved and leaves feeling great!


Nottingham Evening Post Article by Erik Peterson