Rikki and his band Mas Y Mas have been making people dance and bringing joy, fun and alegria to audiences all around the world. Sharing their music with people of all ages has always been important to Rikki and this goal and has led to him to work with people of all ages


Shows for Young People are just like a regular Más Y Más show but with more interactivity and participation and a chance to find out more about the band, the instruments and the music.

Más Y Más in School is a chance for children to work with Más Y Más on developing their skills with and through music. Focusing on singing, rhythm, languages and positive behavior it’s a chance for children and young people to experience, explore and play with aspects of music making from within a professional band.

Music Service commissions have been a chance for Mas Y Mas to write, arrange and record songs that have then been taught in all of the schools in a local authority as part of ‘Wider Opportunities’. Children from these schools have then come together to perform in a massive Más Y Más show with the band.


Rikki in Education

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In his education work Rikki specialises in song writing, singing and music making using English, Spanish and French in a creative and engaging context.  His performances are inspiring, lively and interactive – an exciting opportunity to experience a professional musician perform and open the door to his musical world.  The workshops concentrate on music, languages, literacy, and the promotion of positive behaviour through issue based material.

Rikki has specifically composed most of the material he uses in schools and develops the learning of languages, provides new cultural experiences and promotes positive behaviour through song. The performance also includes an exploration of a variety of exciting and unusual instruments.

Rikki  was taught and mentored for many years by on of Spain’s greatest flamenco masters and teachers, El Entri and has also had a strong connection with many Cuban musicians, such as Chaquito and Melquidades Fundora. For many years, Rikki has organized and delivered a wide range of educational projects and inset sessions for Local Education Authorities, Youth Music, Creative PartnershipsSheffield Children’s FestivalThe Firebird Trust, La Jolie Ronde and Wider Opportunities.  He works with all age groups and abilities in the UK and internationally and has composed music and songs for young people which have been learned and performed by students and teachers all over the world.


Rikki has also collaborated with many other artists to create multi-disciplinary projects and  performances of the highest standards, he has worked notably with:

Rikki offers:

  • Interactive Performances and Taster Sessions
  • Workshops and Projects
  • Recording and Music Production
  • Inset and Training Sessions
  • Educational Resources


Rikki has a passionate belief in the power of music to connect, transform, inspire, enthuse, build confidence and develop self esteem in children and young people. Many of the young people we work with have had little experience of live music. Their view is often that music is purely a means to fame and wealth and something that happens in competition or just something that other people do. Más Y Más aim to inspire a life long love of music in children and young people that will enrich their lives.

Tel: 07988 430 145

An interview with Rikki Thomas-Martínez by Erik Peterson from Nottingham Evening Post for the previous Bean Bag show ‘Lets Sail’