Más Y Más are a three-piece acoustic Latin band playing original and traditional songs in Spanish. We have been together for over 13 years and have played concerts all over the world. During this time we have also done a lot of work in educational settings across the UK helping children and young people to develop their musical skills and linguistic abilities.

Más Y Más put on an exciting interactive live show adaptable for all ages and needs, from young children to elders. The performance combines educational material with the experience of seeing a live band. The performance can be for the whole school and then be used as a basis for workshops with whole classes or year groups.

The material that is used has been specifically composed for use in schools and develops the learning of languages, provides new cultural experiences and promotes positive behaviour. The performance also includes an exploration of a variety of exciting and unusual instruments.

The workshops Más Y Más provide focus on the learning of languages through song, exploring rhythm, creative song writing and singing. Más Y Más aims to inspire and encourages participants creativity and self-expression, to enable them to succeed, gain confidence and self-knowledge.

Past projects have also included pieces commissioned for music services, which have been taught as part of wider opportunities to children from schools in Nottingham and Wigan. These pieces have then been performed at large-scale concerts in these places with up to 1000 children playing and singing with Más Y Más.

For more information about Más Y Más and educational workshops please visit our website at or please feel free to phone on + 44 (0)7988 430 145 if you have specific questions.