Festivals & Venues

Mas Y Mas is a high energy acoustic Latin Trio that offers two x 45 min sets of original and traditional Latin Music all played and sung live on acoustic instruments. No Backing tracks are used. Songs are sung in Spanish in three part harmony. Mas Y Mas set up in a line with percussion, guitar and double bass from stage left to stage right.


Lead singer Rikki Thomas-Martinez plays Spanish guitar,  Wayne D. Evans plays Double Bass and Richard Kensington plays an array of Cuban percussion instruments to accompany the songs which are delivered in an energetic, exhuberant and passionate style. The music of Mas Y Mas is very rhythmic and is great for dancing no matter how you like to move… salsa lessons NOT required! The songs of Mas Y Mas are run through with a variety of stories, themes and reflections on life lived between two countries and two cultures. Mas Y Mas is predominantly an original band. They do play some traditional familiar songs in the Latin genre. The band perform without sheet music and music stands. The performance is very engageing and Mas Y Mas always connect with their audience and draw them into their performance in a welcoming and friendly way.


The show works equally well in venues fully seated or set up caberat style with space for dancing. The show can be tailored to a listening audience, indespersed with anecodtes and the stories behind the songs, or the focus can be shifted to create an exciting and inspiring atmosphere for dancing, coming together and having fun! Mas Y Mas is a fully self contained band with it’s own PA and lighting. As an experienced touring band Mas Y Mas are also fully self contained on the road with a very comfortable camper converted long wheel based van to sleep in so accommodation is never an issue if the band are playing away from home.

A sample of Festivals and Venues Más Y Más have played:

  • Gaitey Theatre – Dublin, Ireland
  • Lillies Bordello – Dublin, Ireland
  • The Empire – Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • The Lobby – Cork, Ireland
  • Café Central – Madrid, Spain
  • Rainforest World Music Festival – Borneo, Malaysia
  • K.L. Tower – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Wan Ho Grand Hotel – Wen Zhou, China
  • National Theatre – London, United Kingdom
  • Dubai Creek Club – Dubai
  • Beverley Festival – United Kingdom
  • Towersey Festival – United Kingdom
  • Whitby Musicport – United Kingdom
  • Fresa Y Chocolate – Havana, Cuba

To book Mas Y Mas for your event please contact us by email or telephone.