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Más Y Más – explosive power trio delivering a message of
unity, sensuality and fiesta


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Nottingham Evening Post Article by Erik Peterson


“Beans, Beats and Beasts”


New show especially written for young people to be performed on 2nd November 2013

at the Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham,



Más Y Más have been making people dance and sending out a joyful, positive message to audiences all around the world. They play the songs of their singer and guitarist Rikki Thomas-Martínez backed by the irresistible rhythm section of Wayne D. Evans on double bass and percussionist Richard Kensington.

Sharing their music with people of all ages, Rikki has written many songs and shows for young people too.  ‘Beans, Beats and Beast’ is the latest specially written for the Bean Bag Music Club at the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham


So join Más Y Más on a Latin adventure as they journey in Song, Spanish and English to meet some weird and wonderful magical animals.


Rikki’s guitar, Rich’s percussion and Wayne’s double bass will spin the spell. So come and dance and sing with a dragon in the dark wood and a dog with a shirt and tie on. ¡Vamonos con los animales!

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Tel: 07988 430 145