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Más Y Más, 
original Latin band playing the music and songs of Rikki Thomas-Martínez

Rikki Thomas-Martínez is a nylon-string guitarist, vocalist, harmonica player, stomp-box percussionist and songwriter.
His music is infused with joy, sunshine and his songs full of meaning; melodically rich and infectiously rhythmic.

An outstanding artist, with the use of harmonicas, unique rhythmic, powerful guitar style, singing voice and percussion stomp-box, he has been described as a fully contained one-man Latin orchestra.
Rikki has an extensive repertoire of original songs composed in Spanish, English and French as well as exciting interpretations of Latin standards and other well-known songs.

He has pioneered his own form of Rumba Flamenca, which includes influences from Salsa, Reggae and Cumbia. This driving dance rhythm underpins his music and never fails to get the crowds on their feet and dancing.
A truly original and contemporary artist, songwriter and performer.

“…outstanding songwriter and one-man Latin orchestra…”

“…alongside the greats of today’s international music scene…”

“ …a rousing passionate performer that gets everyone on the dance floor…”

Rikki performs as a solo artist and with his duo and band Más Y Más.

Dalila Goumeziane joins Rikki on the Ubass. Her deep groovy bass lines, backing vocals and their electric chemistry on stage create a sound that is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Keith Angel international renowned drummer and percussionist  plays congas, bongos, campana and hi-hats in Más Y  Más.  One of the driving forces of the legendary Angel Brothers, Keith’s fiery and passionate playing completes the band.

Percussive guitar, driving Latin dance rhythms, deep groove bass, rich vocals and a huge repertoire of original and well-known songs.  Original, contemporary and passionate with a timeless and universal appeal.

Some places Rikki and Más Y Más have played over the years:

Gaitey Theatre – Dublin, Ireland
Lillies Bordello – Dublin, Ireland
The Empire – Belfast,
Northern Ireland
The Lobby – Cork, Ireland
Café Central – Madrid, Spain
Rainforest World Music Festival – Borneo, Malaysia
K.L. Tower – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Wan Ho Grand Hotel – Wen Zhou, China
National Theatre – London, United Kingdom
Dubai Creek Club – Dubai
Beverley Festival – United Kingdom
Towersey Festival – United Kingdom
Whitby Musicport – United Kingdom
Fresa Y Chocolate – Havana, Cuba